As we go on

I am in my last semester at FIU and I am starting to feel nostalgic. Nostalgic for the days when worries were minimum. It is difficult to get the confidence we need to graduate and attack the career field. The fine line between childhood and adulthood is very thin and I do not remember when I passed it. All I know is that I just realized it. I am now treated as an adult and not a child by everyone I come across. Gone are the days when we were held to low expectations and responsibilities. Gone are the days when we were treated with sensitivity and gentleness. Now we are in a more serious world. A world that is a little bit more cold. Teachers at FIU, students, co-workers and employers see me as an adult now and that is how I will be treated. It has been an interesting journey at FIU and I see now that this is where I passed the fine line from being a child into adulthood.


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