E! News: Julia Roberts Hits the Cannes Red Carpet Barefoot

Now these are news you do not hear and see on the television everyday. Apparently last year at the festival, about 50 female stars were turned away from a screening due to wearing flats. In return, this year at the prestigious French Cannes red carpet, Julia Roberts strikes back by going to the red carpet barefoot. She has no shoes! She wore an amazing Giorgio Armani gown but as she walked up the red carpet steps, her feet were revealed. Other actresses also wore flats this year to show the power in numbers. They were allowed to pass as is. I find this empowering and hilarious. It is empowering because a woman had the courage to go barefoot at an event that would be aired all over the world. While hundreds of the other stars were dressed top-notch, Roberts was brave enough to support and make a stand for what she believes in. Women being denied access to an event because of wearing flats comes off as demeaning and superficial. What if these actresses have foot problems? Or a sore ankle? Denying STARS entry to an event they deserve to be attending is disrespectful especially because of the reason behind this denial. This occurrence was hilarious to me because it shows how the “Hollywood world” or the glamorous life holds people to insane standards. Leave it to E! News to catch this on camera and report it on television so perfectly.

Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7pI6PlrL_k


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